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Self Love Ch. 3 - Dear Body

Dear Body, I love you


of your unwavering love for me. even when I didn’t love you back. even when I ignored you. shamed you. abused you. punished you.

I love you because —

you are always talking to me. keeping me safe. even when I didn’t know it.

I love you —

for all the times you ached & throbbed, urging me to take a day off from squatting sprinting jumping.

I love you —

for the swollen puffy bloated nights, begging me to keep my meal inside of you instead of the toilet.

I love you —

for the acne, the pain, the aches, telling me I needed nutrients & whole foods. not low-calorie artificially sweetened trash.

I love you.

for showing me again & again that you needed more. more love more compassion more nourishment.

dear body, I’m sorry it took so long for me to love you. to honor you. to see you.

dear body, thank you. for never giving up. for your patience. your compassion. && for accepting me with open arms after all this time.

dear body, I’m so happy we are on the same team now. it feels really, really nice. I love touching you. dressing you. nourishing you. moving you.

dear body, you are a warrior.

I am so grateful my soul is living inside of you for this lifetime. I vow to honor this sacred bond between us. I vow to honor you, to nourish you — even when it feels hard.

dear body, I wholeheartedly without a doubt LOVE you.



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