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June 7, 2022

she’s finally here 🕊

the body image project.

a 3 day virtual event.

born from the depths of my own pain + suffering.

arriving here to guide you back home.

to show you the power of acceptance.

of connection.

of love.

to help you build a new foundation of BEing.

this offer is one I have wanted to create since the start of @realwithemma.

from eating disorders to body dysmorphia to perfectionism & obsession — from negative self talk to pessimism to anxiety + depression….

I found my way to the light.

I healed & I am healing.

I learned & I am learning.

the problem was never ME.


I am the answer.

I am the solution.

I am the key.

all I need is within me.

& all you need is within you.

if you are ready to turn your

pain into peace

suffering into surrender

turmoil into trust

& your

fear into love

you can grab your spot for the body image project at an early bird offer 🕊

I am so excited to meet you there.

link in bio 🫶🏼


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