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Getting to know the

* think of her as the
hot older sister of
the realwith project *

a little backstory...

The REALWITH Project was first created YEARS AGO, way back in 2020 - it was a simple group health coaching program providing intimacy, connection, growth & expansion.

Since then, the RWP group program has served hundreds of women...

But... the time has come to focus my energy & attention to the creation of NEW.


So I've decided to take every single juicy morsel of knowledge & wisdom from the REALWITH Project, and pour it into a brand-new experience for this community.

& the best part?

it's completely FREE.

But first, 


So buckle up...

we're going for a ride!

Welcome to the REALWITH Method: A road map to your self-growth & healing journey, & the key to making 2024 the year you become who you are destined to be.

This transformative 8-week program is available for free on REALWITH The Podcast to be your personalized guide to unlocking your full potential & creating the life you've always envisioned.

Here's Your Roadmap...



We begin this journey by creating a strong foundation of love – which can only be achieved by mastering the art of mindfulness. This week we will drop into our hearts center to find clarity on why we are committing to the RWM & explore techniques to ground ourselves in the present. This week you will learn that you are worth the work.


Power of Thought

Explore the dynamics of the ego vs intuition to better understand the profound impact of your thoughts on your reality. Because what you believe? Is what you receive. This week we will show you the power you have to reshape your mindset, overcome limiting beliefs & rewire your subconscious mind.


Self -Worth

The 3rd stop along our journey takes us into the depths of our self worth. Who are we at the core? What does it mean to live in alignment with our authentic self? This is a powerful week where you will be invited to create real change by implementing healing strategies & practices to support your body, mind & soul.



It’s not just what you do, it’s why you do it. This week you will learn how to fuel & move your body, supercharge your sleep, sync your menstrual cycle naturally & balance your hormones for maximum energy & vitality. Because how you care for your body has a ripple effect on the rest of your well-being! 


Manifestation Magic

Unlock the secrets of manifestation & harness the energy needed to bring your desires to life. This week we will teach you how to create your unique style of conscious manifestation AKA how to align your thoughts, beliefs & actions with your deepest aspirations.


Rituals & Routines

Establish empowering rituals & routines that amplify your daily life with purpose. This week, gear up for a powerful but positive shift in how you move through your day. Because when we infuse our days with practices that align with our goals – we create the life we love to live.



You are in a relationship with everything around you – people, places, ideas, concepts. This week we will navigate the intricacies of all relationships. You will learn to cultivate healthy connections, set boundaries & foster meaningful relationships that support & amplify your overall well-being.



That’s a wrap! The last stop on our journey brings us to a powerful community reflection where we will celebrate our collective growth. This week’s episode will share experiences, challenges, & victories from the REALWITH community. This is a time to honor the transformations achieved throughout this empowering 8-week journey, answer any lingering questions & help you ground into the knowing that you are worth the work.


Still don't have your

Alignment Guide?

This program is for you if...

+ You’ve tried all the tips, tricks, hacks, diets, trends & fads but nothing has felt “right” for you

+ You desire long lasting change & are ready to find a process that not only works for your unique self, but brings you joy on the journey

+ You consistently feel tired, unmotivated, resistant to self care & simply desire to feel energized & empowered

+ You feel overwhelmed & confused with all the noise & advice on how to become your “best self” & want clarity on the real process of “becoming”

+ You want to to deepen your connection to yourself & your intuition

+ You want to look better but also FEEL better in your body but aren’t sure if dieting or jumping on another bandwagon is the answer

+ You want to create a daily routines that support you, not weigh you down

+ You're interested in self growth, manifestation, meditation, and spirituality but don't know where to begin

+ You're craving a supportive community of like-minded spiritual but also very much “human” women

+ You want to live a life that you love, period.

Now imagine this

(let’s cast a vision together…)

+ You finally found your unique blueprint to BEING your best self


+ You wake up each day feeling excited for what will unfold


+ Your body is happy, healthy & vibrant! You feel energized & empowered everyday


+ You no longer entertain the “clean girl” or “it girl” aesthetics because you are finally living as your most authentic self


+ Your connection to yourself & your intuition is deeper & more clear than ever before


+ You look good BECAUSE you feel good! You know that your internal state is responsible for the external & so long as you accept yourself – you can love yourself fully

+ Your daily routines & rituals ground you, connect you, nourish you & you love creating time to be with yourself


+ You have successfully created your unique style of manifestation & feel more connected to the universe than ever before

+ You finally have a group of women who see, support & want the best for you


+ You have a life that you love to live, period.

Hear from our 


But we can't leave you without some loving words

From Our Founder, Emma...

The REALWITH Method is not for everyone - because it's not a quick fix. It is not something you can just “do”.


This program is for those ready to commit to the process.

Who are craving connection - with others and with themselves.


Who want to learn how to eat & move to nourish their bodies. 

Who want to expand what they think is possible for themselves in this lifetime.

Who want to become the most vibrant & free version of themselves they can be.


& who are really, truly ready to make long lasting change.


Who are ready to commit  to the work.

Sure, ditching the quick fixes, the fads, the trends & creating REAL routines & rituals that honor your unique energy seems hard.


But constantly trying on new styles of “being” & copying & pasting someone else’s style into your life only to find yourself back at square one months later – that is hard too.


The RWM is for those ready to choose their hard.


It is for those who are ready to make their body a SAFE place by lowering stress, connecting to their purpose, feeling confident & secure in body mind & spirit.


Because that moment when your body begins trusts you & your environment?

When your body feels safe? Seen? Heard? Appreciated?

It will finally take action to heal, to detox, to release. 


When I forced myself to workout & eat right from a place of hate?

I carried excess weight. I was broken out. & no matter the number on the scale I was never satisfied.


But when I began to heal? When I shifted from force to flow?

When I learned how to lead with love?


That “stubborn” weight fell off. 

The acne began to clear.

My hair began to grow again.

My nails got stronger.


I changed my INTERNAL state & this allowed the external to follow suit.


When you feel insecure, scared, fearful, bitter, resentment, judgment - you are blocking yourself from truly stepping into your best body, best mind, best self.


Because you are signaling to your body that you are not safe. 


As women we cannot lose weight when stressed.

Our body senses that stress as a threat to our survival which puts all the juicy functions on the back burner (think skin repair, hair + nail growth, detoxification, energy levels, etc) to save energy for the important stuff (think breathing, seeing, hearing, heart & liver function, etc).


We are not able to feel our best physically if we don't prioritize feeling our best mentally.


So, what do we do?

We first have to recognize that we were taught to prioritize the wrong things.

That we were taught to lead with fear, with force, with hate.


To heal, we must change.


Change your mindset.

Change your why.


Move your body to release & detox.

Eat nourishing foods for energy and vitality.

Journal & meditate to unlock your true self.


Change your why, change your life.

No more detoxes.

Crash diets.

Trends + fads.

Copying + pasting.


Because if you're still looking for a quick fix - it's a sure sign none of them work.

None of them cultivate true change.

None of them bring joy, happiness, peace, abundance.


The RWM is here to be your personal roadmap to cultivating the change you desire.


Helping you find your authentic self.

& unlock your unique essence.

& create the rituals & routines that empower you, nourish you, support you.

So that you can confidently be YOU.


The best you.

The one who loves the life she gets to live.


The one who has highs & lows but knows that is how she grows.


The one who leads with love > fear.

I spent years searching for joy and happiness - but I looked in all the wrong places.

It wasn't until I found holistic health that I finally lost the stubborn weight - because I stopped trying to control my body. Instead of pushing and controlling - I let my body tell me what it needs.


I learned how powerful nutrition can be when used for nourishment instead of punishment.


I learned that my body responds best to low impact movement. I learned that walking makes my body happy. That meditation makes my soul happy and that being happy - being grateful - being in alignment - signals to my body it's safe to release the weight. 


To grow. to repair, to heal. 


When I tapped into my intuition my life changed.

The REALWITH Method holds the key to living in alignment with your best, most authentic, most vibrant self. 


The key that took me years to find.

The key that unlocks doors we never knew were locked.


This program isn't for someone who just wants a meal plan and a workout guide. Who wants black and white easy and simple. While we offer a nutrition guide - it’s not there to force you into a box of right & wrong.

Instead of telling you WHAT to do, we teach you how to know what is right for you.

Inside the RWM you gain the tools needed to eat and move intuitively.

No counting. No measuring. No weighing.

No obsessiveness. Only mindfulness.

Because when we take the time to become mindful, to lean in, tap in, and listen - our bodies & their needs come through loud and clear. They are always speaking to us. Showing us when we need to slow down. Get to work. Move. Rest. Release. Dance. Connect.


The REALWITH Method is the start of the rest of your life. A life filled with trust, peace, gratitude, nourishing foods, intentional movement, deeper connections, deeper love, deeper joy.

The RWM creates a life you love to live.

For you - who is ready to dive deep, to expand, and to commit to LOVING the life she lives...

Our doors are open - but  the choice is yours

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