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June 6, 2022

it starts with a choice.

to get out of bed.

it’s followed by an opportunity.

to choose yet again.

we can choose to trust.

that today will unfold exactly as it is meant to.

or we can choose fear.

& adopt the belief that today is already lost.

every day is filled with opportunities.

to make choices.

& it’s up to you to make them.

the most common reason we fail to choose love > fear is because we do not take the opportunities given to us.

we fail to recognize the preciousness of our mornings.

a time when our brain is most receptive to our thoughts.

a time we have to be with ourselves before our energy goes out into the world.

do you take this time?

make use of this time?

value the gift that IS this time?

if not — this is your loving reminder that it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest impact.

it’s day by day.

choice by choice.

it’s creating space to meet yourself where you are at.

it’s committing to the rituals that fill you with love.

it’s knowing that the importance of your mornings has nothing to do with what it LOOKS like but instead what it FEELS like.

start with pen to paper.

add in a few moments of intentional breathing.

sinking into your body.

allowing presence to begin your day.

& watch as your world begins to unfold in the most magical of ways.

it starts with you — taking care of you.

no one else can do this work for you.

when I don’t take the time for myself I am cutting off my connection to source. to my creativity. to my flow. to my why.

when my morning looks like this: from rising to grounding to juicing to writing to meditating to BEing.

I feel like this: aligned connected at peace in trust ready willing excited.

today my day began with love.

& now I am ready to sip my sweet sweet honey cinnamon matcha + get cracking on a project I am so excited to bring to this world.

everything is connected.

embrace it.


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