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September 3, 2021

happy friday, friends!!!

just a reminder to take time for yourself today. even if it’s only 2 min — the intention you set is what reaps the greatest rewards.

ideas for intentional self care:

— morning journaling: ask yourself “how am I feeling in body? mind? soul?” “what do I need today in body? mind? soul?” “what has been weighing heavy on me lately?” “is this something worth carrying?” “how can I work to release & move forward lighter & brighter?”

— grounding: place your bare feet on the earth to connect to nature & recharge your system. the benefits are endless. you can learn more in my grounding highlight.

— sun on skin first thing in the AM: the sun is our main energy source. getting direct sunlight exposure helps with circadian rhythm, energy & vitality throughout our day. not to mention it reminds you that you are a human living on a beautiful planet on a floating rock in an endless galaxy!!!

— 100 mini jumps at lunch: jumping up & down (just enough that your heels come off the ground) is a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system which in turn helps with circulation, reduces swelling & water retention, energizes the body, promotes relaxation & helps rid toxins.

— solo pleasure: with the intention to connect to your body, mind & soul. orgasms have endless benefits & are my favorite substitute for a 3pm nap ;)

— perform an act of service for a stranger: this has the most powerful impact on how our day unfolds. just yesterday Casey & I were at Starbucks, it was slammed & the workers were stressed af. so many customers were complaining & being rude. we chose to throw $20 in the tip jar & the smiles that landed on the baristas face was priceless. love wins.

— chops compassion: when things don’t go your way, when you mess up, when life feels impossibly hard, when feelings rise to be felt - choose compassion.

— & lastly we have the self care acts that we all know & love: take a bath, gua sha, exfoliate your body & apply your fav lotion, do a hair mask, pour your fav drink into your fav glass, cancel plans, make plans, read a sexy novel… do what your heart desires.

sending my love 🕊🕊🕊


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