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September 29, 2021

10 things I’ve learned on my journey to 10k.

1. the best thing I can do for my business is to take care of myself first. when I thrive my biz thrives.

2. when I focus on numbers analytics logic & how to be successful *aka work through my masculine energy* I always lose my way. my best work my juiciest wins my success flows when I’m in my feminine. expressing. collaborating. aligning myself with ease > force.

3. thinking I’ll be happier when I hit a certain milestone in my biz is perpetuating the toxic belief that happiness lies outside of myself.

4. there are a lot of people in this space that claim to have the answer to success. but what success looks like to me is very different from what most people want. nipping comparison in the bud starts with who & what I allow to fill my feed.

5. how I feel about my business is a direct representation of how I’m feeling about MYSELF. doing the inner work always provides the clarity I need.

6. my uniqueness is my super power. when I align my message with my authentic truth I am allowing my vibe to attract my tribe.

7. I do not work the way many entrepreneurs do. I thrive in organized chaos. I have my own weird systems & releasing the guilt around not fitting into the “biz owner box” was liberating as fck. inspired action > everything.

8. most biz coaches teach you to give give give. but what continues to work best for me is when I focus less on giving & more on receiving (something that has been a challenge my whole life).

9. my relationship to social media will continue to ebb & flow. this is okay. this is normal. breaks are juicy. sharing is fun. intentional presence is best. we are the first generation doing this thing… why do we feel so much pressure to have it figured out? ya know?

10. being a student of life, consistent reflection & choosing love > fear is the key to my evolution & I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

a final word — my love for this community has proven to be exponential. I feel like the grinch. my heart grows with each connection made. with every client enrolled. with every kind DM & sweet message letting me know I am loved.

plz know, I love you back.


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