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September 28, 2020

if you are giving your energy to people who leaving you second guessing who you are — feeling like you need to do something else, be something else, be more, be less — then those are not the relationships you should be putting your energy into.

somehow somewhere we normalized living for others. we are taught to seek approval. from friends, family, teachers, colleagues, mentors — regardless if they truly see us. care for us. want the best for us.

so when we have people in our life who make us feel less than, like we aren’t worthy, like we talk to much or don’t talk enough, like we are over the top or simply too basic — we listen. we second guess. we try harder. we hate ourselves more.

we aren’t taught to let our light shine despite the judgement of those too afraid to shine theirs. we aren’t encouraged to walk away from people or places that don’t make us feel good. & we aren’t told that sometimes people try to change us because they really just want to change themselves.

I fully promote walking away from people that don’t make you feel good about being you. that energy is toxic. but the key is to walk away with love.

it’s not about hating the people who have wronged you. it’s not about judging them for their judgement of you. if you walk away with hate in your heart you just perpetuate the cycle.

walk away & send your love. I promise you, they need it most.


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