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September 22, 2020

friends, friends! today is the dayyyyyy! at exactly 9:31am EST we will be feeling the power of the autumn equinox!

& for the first time in my 26 years of life, I am taking the time to lean into this shift in energy. I am choosing to connect. to align. to claim my rightful rhythm, the one that has always been there. the one in sync with nature.

but before I dive into my plan to honor this magical moment, I do want to say that there are SO many amazing resources online that provide insight into different ceremonies and rituals for celebrating this equinox. personally, I am going to have a mini ritual with just me, my journal & the earth.

my autumn equinox ritual:

- meditation: as close to time of equinox as possible (I have a 9am call, so most likely will do one before). in nature. no music. no shoes. during this time I will lean into - the sounds around me. the feeling of the earth under me. the essence of the fall.

- journal: the autumn equinox is a powerful time to honor the harvest. our gardens yes, but also the efforts and intentions for our life that we planted earlier this year. the best way to do this is through reflection. swipe for prompt!

- gratitude: we all know gratitude is one of the most powerful vibrations. what we thank about, we bring about. so, you knowww the final step in this ritual is all about giving thanks, taking stock, counting blessings. swipe for prompt!

this is the time to shed what no longer serves us, to clear out space for new ideas, new energies and growth. whether we realize it or not, we have cycles too — just like nature.

if you don’t have time to do a ritual today, don’t stress! all it takes is a few minutes alone with nature. simply close your eyes & focus on the connection. pay thanks to this massive rock we call home, for unapologetically doing its thang — giving us the air we breathe, the water we drink & the harvest we reap.

who’s taking the time to connect to the earth today? tag me tag me tag me! while its borderline embarrassing how happy it makes me to see you all join in — I think I’ll roll with it 👻🍁🍃🌞🌿☁️🍂🌙


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