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September 20, 2021

when I wake up my first thoughts tend to be…

“I can’t do this again”

“just keep sleeping”

“what’s the point”

which is why I promote choosing again & again & again so often. it’s not just a tip or trick or hack… it’s how I survive.

I used to get so down on myself for not being a naturally optimistic person. my base line, my default setting — was never a positive one. it was always glass half empty. always pessimistic. I would defend myself & say I was just a realist but deep down was a deep ache. a deep dis-ease. a deep fear — that if I truly let myself be happy I would inevitably be let down.

& I wouldn’t dare be caught defeated…

but in the last few years, while on this journey — I’ve chosen to commit to rewiring this setting.

because nothing hurts more than waking up each day & waiting for the other shoe to drop. waiting for disappointment. waiting for it to end..

so I committed myself.

to being mindful, aware.

to tapping in, tuning in.

so that I am able to recognize when my own thoughts are causing me to suffer.

so that I can choose again.

love > fear.


the catalyst for change.

with time & with love I have been able to remain optimistic more often than not. this is a HUGE win for me. but the state of the world right now is taking its toll on me. on all of us. the collective energy feels heavy. so now more than ever we have to focus on OUR energy. the more we can take responsibility for ourselves our mind our body our soul our energy— the better we will feel && the higher the collective frequency will go.


also I cannot handle how big Sage has gotten. 8 months & growing. my sweet angel 🥺 I love my babies. I am thankful for them every minute of every day.

gratitude is my favorite way to align myself with love.



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