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September 18, 2020

be intentional with your energy — even as you set intentions.

I see so many people, myself included, who are excited to shift into this new season, ready to create better habits, willing to do what it takes to step into their best self. and this makes my heart warm. it’s beautiful to see so many people in this community doing the work to take care of themselves. to choose themselves.

but I want to offer a gentle reminder — nothing will be achieved until you release expectation & let go of perfection. sometimes we get so carried away with new intentions new goals new routines that we don’t allow ourselves to experience the joy of it all. sometimes we get so hung up on the outcome, that we guilt ourselves into doing the things that are meant to make us feel better.

it’s all fun and high vibe to create goals for yourself — until you fail to do it all. which, quite honestly, is inevitable. we can’t do it all. we can’t make every single day picture perfect — and we shouldn’t. because that’s not life. life is messy. feelings are messy. motivation is messy.

sometimes the most powerful intention we can set — is to show ourselves some damn compassion.

the journey to your best self is a day by day experience. it is achieved through intention, after intention, shift after shift, habit after habit. you don’t need to do it all at once. rome wasn’t built in a day, my friends! take that with you as we move through this new season together.

sending my love 🕊


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