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September 16, 2020

some days I’m effortlessly happy and in the flow. I wake up filled with gratitude. I feel so bright, so vibrant — so alive. I walk into my day with ease & casually nourish myself at every turn.

and some days I wake up feeling empty. I feel dull. taking the time to journal and reflect sounds exhausting. washing my face sounds exhausting. drinking water sounds exhausting. some days taking care of myself is the last thing I want to do.

but if I don’t, who will?

showing up for yourself isn’t always easy. truthfully, it can be hard as hell. especially when you are doing the inner work. in all honesty, I’ve been getting down on myself for not being in that effortless joy state. I’m guilty of feeling shitty and then judging those feelings.

so this hump day post is for any of you who are going through it right now — but it’s also for me.

it is important not to forget how much energy we use on our journey to becoming our best selves. it is okay if you feel exhausted. it is okay if some days are tougher than others. there would be no highs without the lows. nothing would be easy if some things weren’t hard. this contrast is the key to life.

when it feels like you’ve got nothing left to give, when you feel like no amount of meditation or matcha can pull you back into alignment — remember to show yourself some compassion. you are putting in the work. you are doing what most people don’t — you are choosing yourself.

so hold on. keep moving. don’t give up on yourself. lean into whatever makes you feel 1% better. because soon enough this low will turn into a high. &&& if I know one thing for sure — it’s that every low happens for a reason. it teaches you a lesson.

every low brings you one step closer to becoming your highest self. trust that.


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