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September 10, 2020

more often than not — I wake up in the morning, head outside to ground and am taken aback by the insane beauty that nature holds. somehow day after day the awe remains. I become consumed in admiration. how, in the name of zeus — is this all possible?

typically, I am pulled out of my nature trance by a thought along the lines of “you have work to do gfriend, get moving.” but today was different. today I sat in the awe & began to think about how humans are part of this wonderful, beautiful, cosmic ecosystem. and we, like nature, hold infinite beauty. we have bodies that allow us to touch, smell, see, hear, taste, give love & receive love. we have the power of communication. we can express with our bodies, our mouths, our minds. we get to FEEL deeply. we get to LOVE passionately. we can travel, explore, create, destroy, break & rebuild. our skin heals itself. our organs do their job without being told. the female menstrual cycle is in sync with the moon. our bodies are energized by the sun. & in the words of @isabellekoritsas, we live on a giant rock, floating in an infinite universe…

& once again i’m left thinking - how, in the name of zeus — is this all possible?

why am I sharing this? because those are the things that fcking matter. our souls were given bodies as a means to experience this thing we call life. we are one with the earth. we are one with each other. we are here to learn, to expand, to evolve and most importantly, to love. we are not here to judge each other for the body we were given. we are not here to look the same, think the same or be the same.

how fcking COOL YOU GUYS!

next time you get down on yourself take a look in the mirror. see your divinity. see your power. & then feel it. because babyyyyy we are magic.

the end.

have a groovy thursday, you crazy ass creatures!


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