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September 1, 2021

this morning I wrote a letter — to little emma. reminding her that she is capable. that she is a light in this world. that she is here for a divine purpose. that so long as she leads with love she will get exactly where she needs to go.

I wrote this letter because I woke up filled with anxiety. feeling scared. feeling insecure. like a failure. like a fraud.

I wrote to my inner child because it’s not me, 27 year old emma who feels this way. at this time in my life I know better. I know who I am & what I deserve. I KNOW I am worthy…

it’s the younger me who is feeling those feelings. it’s the little girl who was made to believe that it wasn’t safe to be herself. to be bold. to be free. it’s the girl who was taught to live in fear. to stay small & play it safe.

she’s the one who is hurting. she’s the one stirring these emotions within me — but instead of suppressing judging or shaming like I did for years… I choose to listen. to honor her, validate her, support her.

she is who I work so hard to take care of. she is the reason I journal meditate pay gratitude & choose again & again.

by making her feel safe to be unapologetically herself, by reminding her that she is worthy of all the love & abundance this world has to offer && that she is the divine creator of her life — the more I am able to step into my worth today.

this journey to healing & stepping into alignment w your best self is not as simple as green smoothies & morning routines. it’s not just about the physical things we do to care for ourselves.

we have to unlearn. relearn. break. rebuild. surrender. reprogram. we have to dig deep & find the root of our pain. we have to be willing to see our past for what it is. we have to forgive ourself & others because we are all just doing the best we can with what we have & what we know.

we have to reclaim our role as the creator of our life.

we have to choose love > fear.

a forever intention. an every day commitment. a lifelong journey.

if you are craving the guidance & community to start this journey w love & support — DM me. The REALWITH Project was created for you.

the choice is yours. what’ll it be?


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