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October 8, 2020

a gentle reminder.

you are not stress. you are not anger. you are not anxiety. you simply feel them. you are not your feelings. they do not define you.

we must be careful with the language we use when talking about ourselves.

“I am stressed”

“I am anxious”

“I am angry”

I am — that is the most powerful affirmation. the power those words hold is beyond what we can comprehend. instead of “I am stressed” — say “I feel stressed” — because, isn’t that the truth?

we are so quick to embody the emotions we feel, leaving us stuck in that low vibration. when we tell ourselves we ARE an emotion — we become exactly that.

affirmations are huge in the wellness space right now. how many of you either journal or say positive affirmations throughout your day?

I am happy

I am healthy

I am abundant

I know I do 🙋‍♀️ so why would we think negative affirmations are any less powerful?

bottom line — we are not our feelings.

our feelings are created based on our thoughts. when we think primarily positive thoughts - we have positive feelings. when we think primarily negative thoughts - we have negative feelings.

idk about all of you but learning this was like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders. we CAN raise our own vibrations. we CAN train our brain by choosing positive thoughts. we CAN bring ourselves into alignment with our highest selves.

it isn’t always easy. sometimes it feels like the hardest thing you could do. but I promise you — it’s worth the energy.

stay mindful, choose again. you won’t regret it.


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