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October 31, 2020

good morning, friends. happy saturday happy halloween happy blue moon!

there is a lot of energy in the air today and I invite you to lean in. todays full moon is called a blue moon because it’s the second full moon in the month and this is the first time it has landed on halloween since 1944 👻

a full moon is the time for intention setting and ridding ourselves of all of the negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are no longer serving us.

so I invite you all today, what’s no longer serving you? what can you release?

what I am releasing today: the stress that comes with taking ~aesthetically~ pleasing photos all the time. while I love grabbing the perfect shot, sometimes I get so caught up in the filter the frame the colors the vibe the mood — I don’t even enjoy what I’m sharing.

so today, here is me with my face unwashed, hair unbrushed, with a big ole cup of half caf & idk what I’m wearing but tbh this is my usual getup.

cozy comfort > style every day.

sending you all love & spooky vibes 👻


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