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October 26, 2020

when is the last time you asked yourself the hard questions?

the ones you are too scared to ask because you’re terrified of what the answer will be?

we all have areas of our life that we feel disconnected from — our relationships, job, body, health, vibrancy, joy.

because for the most part, we are all conditioned to ignore. to suppress. to quiet that nagging voice saying “something isn’t right”

we avoid asking because it’s easier to go through the motions. we move through our days going from task to task with anxiety around every corner but we tell ourselves if we keep our head down we stay safe.

so we don’t ask. we don’t question. we say “it’s fine” & “I’m good” & in turn close the door to any opportunity for growth. change. evolution.

it took me 5 years to ask myself if I had an eating disorder.

were the hours in the gym & obsession with calories actually making me better? was restricting, binging & purging bringing me closer to happiness?

I never asked because I was too scared. I knew the answer would be no. I knew the moment I asked, the truth would come through & shatter my world.

& it did just that. it shattered me.

but something I never could have imagined began to unfold...

as I began the journey of rebuilding myself. piece by piece & day by day. I felt myself becoming stronger. wiser. brighter.

it’s when I started asking the hard questions that my life completely transformed.

“can I do this alone?” — no. find a therapist.

“is this the right career for me?” — no. follow your passion.

“is this friendship serving me?” — no. protect your energy.

those questions brought me here. to who I am now. they pushed me to lean in. to let my intuition guide me. they broke me & showed me that rebuilding makes us stronger.

they showed me that the only way out is through 🕊

so, I invite you all today — ask yourself that question you’ve been avoiding out of fear.

because once you do, the story begins. the story of how you chose again. chose the work. chose to fight. chose yourself.

& if your intuition is telling you to seek guidance along your journey — DM me 🕊 The RWP starts in one week.

your time is now.


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