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October 22, 2020

you can be scared & do it anyway. you can choose — to move through that fear.

the choices we are most scared to make are the choices that define us. because they reinforce one of two things.

you are worthy — or you aren’t.

every choice we make has the ability to excel us on our path to our highest selves. but when we choose to stay complacent. to live in fear. to make excuses. to doubt. to talk ourselves out of any good that is within reach — we are reinforcing that we aren’t worth it. we don’t deserve it. all that good stuff, that juicy stuff that golden stuff that vibrant stuff — it’s not ours for the taking.

I lived in this fear for years. telling myself I wasn’t worthy of anything good. I could never be one of those people who felt aligned. happy. fulfilled. at peace. it wasn’t for me. I didn’t deserve it.

until I chose again.

I stood in front of every fork in the road & chose the path that would lead me toward my higher self. I cleaned up my diet. healed my gut. went to therapy. moved my body the way it wanted to move. I rested when I needed rest & I worked when I was in the flow. I journaled I read I learned I leaned into the discomfort & got to know myself on the deepest level.

I told myself I was worth it.

I started RWE with no experience in business. I didn’t have anything other than my credentials, my education — & what I knew I wanted.

I wanted more. I wanted to feel good & help others feel good. I wanted to show the world that if I could pull myself out of the hole I spent my entire life digging it was possible for them too.

so, I kept choosing.

I chose to go back to school bc my masters wasn’t enough. I chose to buy a laptop with money I didn’t have. I chose to find a web designer to bring my vision to life.

no one says investing in yourself is easy. in fact, it may be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do.

but let me tell you — it’s the best decision you’ll ever make.

choose love > fear & feel the shift as you step into your true power. worthy. deserving. grateful. whole.

if this spoke to you. if you want to choose again but don’t know how — DM me 🕊because The RWP was created just for you.


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