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October 21, 2020

do you know what keeps me going? what allows me to step into each day with an open heart and open mind? ready to surrender, to learn, to grow, to evolve?

it’s the smiles the tears the pasta and full caf coffee even though I know I shouldn’t. it’s the nights out with no makeup and it’s the glow when my favorite highlighter catches the sun on my cheek. it’s the meditations and the early morning journaling discoveries. it’s the cries for help and the universe pulling through when I need it most. it’s lazy mornings in bed and the early sunrises with my hand on my heart. it’s nature. it’s love. it’s gratitude.

it’s the acknowledgement and the acceptance that we are not here by accident. our souls are full of light and come to earth with a purpose. we are not here to suffer to compare to judge to diet to obsess to hate and stay asleep.

we are here to give love receive love to learn and adapt. we are here to stumble. fall. fail.

we are here to pick ourselves up. to reflect. to learn. to choose again.

what makes life worth living is the vibration we embody. the vibration we emit. it’s the choices we make and the thoughts we think.

choose compassion over judgement. choose love over fear. choose mindfulness over obsessiveness.

choose nourishment at every damn turn.

choose to dare to live with love.

love for the journey love for the process love for the evolution.

each present moment is the only moment we have. what will you do with it?

friends, The REALWITH Project is finally back & open for enrollment. I no longer pitch this program as a means to lose weight. I refuse to shove progress photos in your face & use my body as a tool to invite you in.

because it’s not about that.

instead, I’ll show you the journey. the highs the lows and all the beauty in between.

I’ll show you that it is possible to accept the lows with grace when you ride the highs with gratitude. how to take the time to get to know yourself. how to honor yourself. how to choose yourself at every turn. I’ll show you how to fall in love with the process... & fall in love with yourself along the way.

if you’re ready, I’m waiting.

link in bio 🕊🕊🕊


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