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October 19, 2020

when you are drained. when your tank is on E. when your cup is empty and you have nothing left to give — everyone suffers.

self care isn’t about the aesthetic. it’s not about face masks & manicures. self care is so crucial because no one can take care of you the way you can. no one can make you feel better than you do when you are in alignment with your best self. when you are rested. grateful. at peace.

its about showing up for you — first. when we show up for ourselves again & again it reinforces that we are worthy. we are deserving. it engrains this belief in us — which opens the doors for endless joy, love & success.

sometimes self care looks like canceling plans. sometimes self care is wearing the same sweatpants for 3 days & sometimes it looks like getting dressed up to have a night out with friends.

the key is to tap in. tap into your needs. your wants. your desires. self care is not about what you “should do” — it’s about choosing anything that makes you feel just 1% better.

it’s okay to drop the aesthetic. it’s okay to spend your weekend recharging under the covers. it’s okay to say no, if it’s what you need.

do this — and saying yes starts to feel really, really good 🤍

intentional rest. intentional plans. intentional joy.

happy monday, friends!

Xx #realwithemma 🕊🕊🕊


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