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October 16, 2020

it’s friday. it’s a new moon. it’s day one of my period. i’m broken out & moody as hell but the gratitude I feel is beyond. when I chose to get my IUD removed I had no idea what it was going to look like. many women struggle to get their period back post IUD so the heavy flow I’m experiencing feels more sacred than ever.

I had my IUD for 2.5 years. in that time I would go from having no period for months to bleeding for 20-30 days in a row. I was tired. fatigued. my sex drive was in the negatives. this not only impacted my relationship with casey, but my relationship to my own sexuality. I had to force myself to make time for solo pleasure. it was a dark time to say the least.

I blamed all of these issues on being stressed. on being overworked & overwhelmed from starting a business. but even after I did the work to prioritize my mental health — I still felt off. I still felt clouded. I was — blah.

the decision to go off of birth control was made due to my symptoms yes, but also because of my growing knowledge and love for the natural rhythm that we have with nature. we are nature. we are magic. denying that is denying your true self. women’s menstrual cycles are naturally in sync with the moon. the moon is the divine feminine. birth control doesn’t support this. birth control numbs this.

and I for one, was done being numbed.

the first few weeks post IUD were brutal. I cried at least 4 times a day. my first period was hell. cramping. low energy. acne ance acne. boobs so sore it hurt wearing a tshirt.

but through it all I chose to honor what my body was going through. I chose to slow down. drink tea. cuddle a heating pad. masturbate (amazing cramp reliever). I chose to lean into the process and support my body as it fought to find its rhythm.

and now, heading into my second period post IUD with the heaviest flow to date (no apologizes for this being TMI, welcome to realwithemma) I am filled with even more gratitude.

women are mystical magical magnificent beings & I think its about time we roll with it. I think it’s about time we honor it. & I know it’s about damn time we talk about it.

DMs are always open 🕊 sending love!


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