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November 9, 2020

new day new opportunities new energy.

yesterday was one of those days I went through the motions. I didn’t want to do anything for myself but I did anyways. I cleaned, washed my sheets, took my self care supplements, read uplifting words, journaled & reflected. I dry brushed the bod, took a long hot shower & washed my hair. I made a nourishing dinner, watched my show & rested. I took things slow. I stayed mindful.

I went to bed & imagined today unfolding with ease. I imagined finding joy. smiling. connecting. being.

lately I’ve been struggling to wake up but today was different. I woke up before my alarm ready to go. I happily made my bed walked down stairs & grounded with jay. I went through my morning routine with hope filling every ounce of me.

it felt good. it feels good.

I’m not here to tell you I’m all fixed & that everything is better. I’m here to show you that when you show up for yourself — magical things happen.

most of the work I do to overcome my anxiety is internal. its tuning into the voice that weighs me down & reminding myself — I am not that voice. I am the awareness & I can choose again.

but, alongside the inner work I have my support system. chosen wisely & carefully to help lower stress, anxiety, inflammation, support hormones, digestion, skin & gut health.

my team:

—— @elixhealing: taken the week leading up to my period to balance my cycle & hormones (code emma15)

—— @aurora_mornings morning light: filled with powerful adaptogens (maca, ashwagandha, holy basil to name a few) to balance hormones, support clarity & focus (code RWE30)

—— @joyorganics: CBD oil. the benefits would need its own post but CBD dramatically helps with my anxiety & chronic pain (code emma25)

—— @oshihana: CBD sex oil. increases dopamine, circulation, sensation. because, orgasms.

—— @organicindiaofficial: ashwagandha because she is the queen of adaptogens & enhances body’s resilience to stress (linked on amazon shop in bio)

and a gentle reminder — the internal work comes first. supplements come in second as support & nourishment.

what are you doing to nourish yourself today?


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