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November 23, 2021

the emotion pouring through me in this very moment is unlike anything I have ever experienced.

it’s been a hard & painful year. everything I thought I knew about myself was flipped upside down.

I’ve battled a lot of fear guilt & shame due to my inability to show up on here the way I used to.

I hated that I wasn’t creating content or new offers.

I hated that I felt empty. lost. confused.

I hated that I felt so far away from my worth. my confidence. my medicine.

but with the support from my family, friends, healers & my own inner knowing — throughout all the highs & lows the one thing I put my energy into was surrendering.

keeping faith. holding tight.

believing that if I took care of myself first — the new offer (aka extension of my soul) would make its way into the world when it was ready. when I was ready.


an entire YEAR after the idea of creating @realwithwellness dropped into my consciousness.

the best things in life are worth waiting for.

with a new website / new IG / new offer — I am so excited to welcome you all into the REALWITH Mastery ⚡️

we chose to offer the first month of your subscriptions (any tier) FREE!!!!

so go ahead my angels 👼🏼 explore the new container that will allow each of you to continue healing & expanding right alongside me 🕊

link in bio 🤍

with love,


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