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November 24, 2020

good morning, tuesday. a gentle reminder that as the seasons change and the days become shorter — our bodies transition, too.

the lack of natural light in the winter suppresses the release of melatonin — the hormone that tells our body it’s time to slow down & prepare for sleep. this process begins late in the summer giving us long days filled with energy. but in the winter seasons it begins earlier — and I know I’m not the only one fighting it.

our bodies are asking us to slow down at dusk — but we ignore it. our bodies are nudging us to eat our meals a bit earlier, because digestion is fueled by the sun — but we still settle into 8pm meals, battle poor sleep & indigestion & snooze the alarm. our bodies are asking us to shut off our devices, end the work day & climb into bed early — but we resist. and push. and don’t let our head hit the pillow until 11pm with our noses glued to our phone.

I’m guilty, too.

I’ve been waking up from restless sleeps, groggy & lethargic. my body is asking for more & I haven’t listened. I’m still pushing.

if you read most modern articles on this it will tell you how to beat this. how to get more out of the winter days. more coffee! early AM workouts! keto!!!

we don’t need more out of these days. we need less. this is the point — the fix we need is already within. we just need to surrender to it.

this post is to remind you that your body is always speaking to you. that if you need more sleep — take it. you are tired for a reason. if you have the ability to end your work day with the setting sun — do it. your body is asking to wind down. if you are starving at 5pm — make your dinner! your body is prepared to do wonderful things with the nourishment you give it.

less pushing, more surrendering. less expectations, more compassion.

winters are hard. do what you can to honor yourself & for the loveeeee of all things holy — do it without judgement, guilt or shame.

sending love 🕊🕊🕊


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