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November 23, 2020

quality > quantity.

something I used to say in hopes of making myself feel better — is now something I say with pride.

if I’ve learned anything from these past few years, it’s that quality connections are hard to come by. connections that aren’t built on expectations but built on love. on compassion. on understanding — that each of us will continue to be pushed to grow and change and shift and evolve.

connections that don’t just know you but see you. see the work see the passion see the pain see the journey. connections that not only support your growth but push you to keep going when it feels too hard. who remind you where you started. who hold space. who are ready to embrace the next version of you. and the version after that.

connections that may be states apart but feel like home.

today I am grateful. beyond grateful. for these women who have been by my side for over a decade. and for all of you. who continue to show me that magical things happen when you honor yourself — your true self.

🕊🕊🕊 & with the understanding that today’s climate has not made it easy to meet new people & form these connections — I invite you all to comment on this pic. tell us where you are from & what brought you to my page - what is it that pulls you in?

I think you may be surprised how many of you are uniquely similar. with the same struggles. dreams. demons. aspirations. I hope that you take me up on my invitation. and that you also take the time to read through the comments. reach out to someone you feel called to connect with.

personally, I’ve made so many beautiful connections from this platform simply because I followed my gut and messaged someone I felt that spark with. how cool? 🕊

happy monday!


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