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November 17, 2020

I spent the morning feeling deep, deep gratitude. I’ve been off the instagram bandwagon recently. I spoke of this in my stories last week — I just feel a lot of competitive energy flowing in and out of my feed. but it’s days like today when I wake up to heartfelt messages thanking me for my words, seeing the shares, the emotion, the love — that I remember why I’m here.

the words I chose to place in my bio aren’t there for sh*ts and gigs. I prioritize showing up on here with nothing but the realness that goes into choosing your health, choosing yourself, choosing love.

sometimes it’s beautiful days and sometimes it’s dark days. it’s smiles & revelations. it’s growth & evolution. but it’s also tears. heartbreak — and work. choosing to heal is hard. fcking. work.

so, for anyone who is on this path alongside me — I see you. I see the work. & I am so, so proud of you.

&& on a lighter note, these pictures capture me eating @dadaeats tahini banana bread with the sun streaming in and blessing us all with a rainbow to start the day. no filter. just the sun doing it’s thing ✨

happy tuesday 🕊


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