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November 17, 2020

it’s that time of year. the holiday season approaches & so, we begin to bargain with ourselves. everything becomes a transaction. this + that = do more, eat less.

a night with loved ones, food & wine becomes something to be earned. the extra serving of dessert is swallowed alongside guilt & self loathing. the day on the calendar hits november — & so we gear up for war.

holiday season — a constant battle. to restrict or indulge. to hate ourselves on an empty stomach or to hate ourselves while we fill our bellies with food we plan to swear off until next year.

I remember this all too well. mostly because for me, this battle wasn’t just around the holidays. it was an every day war. it was an eating disorder.

as I write this it’s hard to believe this is something to be remembered & not my current reality. I am both healed & healing. so this feeling of excitement for the holidays is still new. still fresh. I’m used to stressing. measuring. bingeing. obsessing.

I will never claim to have the answer to healing your disordered relationship to food. we are all too different to have the same healing journey.

so instead, I offer an invitation to you this holiday season.

whichhh can be found if you scroll this post AND on the blog since it was too long to post as a caption, and you guys couldn’t decide which you prefer (welcome to my world). so, if you are a blog reader head to the link in bio for the juice 🕊🕊🕊& if you wanna read without going anywhere go ahead and scroll your little fingers off.

happy monday! sending love 🤍


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