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November 15, 2020

some sundays look like 11am brunch reservations. some look like 8am alarms with errands & cleaning. some have me cheffing in the kitchen making a full breakfast spread for my favorite humans. and some sundays look like 2 @birchbenders waffles smothered in @miyokoscreamery vegan butter topped with pure canadian maple syrup (my fav kind).

nourishment. I like to think of her as a bad ass b*tch who knows exactly what she wants & doesn’t give 2 fcks about society’s opinion. or society’s standard of productivity. nourishment doesn’t adhere to the ego — the voice in your head telling you what you “should” do. she knows what she needs. & unapologetically fights for it.

—— that resistance you feel when you don’t honor her — when you wanna stay in but go out anyways. when you need more sleep but still drag yourself to your 5am workout. when you want the pizza but order the salad. that’s her — that’s nourishment telling you her needs haven’t been met.

sometimes to nourish yourself you need more and sometimes it’s less. nourishment isn’t one size fits all. it’s not something that stays consistent. it changes — because we change. each day we have new opportunities to honor our needs and to choose nourishment at every turn.

so I invite you, choose nourishment today. no matter what it looks like. all it takes is a small shift in perspective & your entire day can be filled with acts that nourish your body, mind & soul.

for me? it’s 12 hours of sleep followed by a lazy easy breakfast. it’s 2 cups of decaf coffee. it’s baking banana bread. journaling. cleaning the house. grocery shopping. tea. couch cuddles. a home cooked dinner & early bedtime.

happy sunday, friends! sending love 🕊


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