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November 11, 2020

the importance of presence goes beyond experiencing the moment before you. it’s showing up for yourself and allowing each moment to simply be what it is.

unfortunately, as a society we have come to believe that a bad morning = bad day, a bad day = a bad week and so on. we believe that we have no control over this either — because life just happens to us.

but this is a gentle reminder that life doesn’t happen to you it happens for you. that each moment holds a new energy if you are open to experiencing it.

if we can find it within us to stop spending our energy defining our days & weeks as good or bad and just allow life to be as it is — magic happens.

suddenly the moments we feel low & dark are able to be followed by moments of compassion, if we so choose it. suddenly the sunset walks and early morning coffees are experienced without fear of what comes next — because we are simply present for what is.

🕊🕊🕊 so, friends! I invite you to ditch the labels. experience today with a fresh set of eyes and an open heart. you may be surprised to find that life has handed you more love & joy than you thought possible.

choose again.


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