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November 1, 2020

welcome, november 🤍

I was surprised to find feelings of excitement for the start of a new month. I’ve been struggling with more anxiety than usual. time seems to be flying by & I have trouble releasing my grip on perfection. on timelines. on doing more and being more all of the time.

but this morning seeing everyone’s nov intentions made me feel really good. really inspired. I already feel the energy of the full moon fulfilling its purpose — showing us what no longer serves us, so we can release. and choose again.

october — thank you for providing me with the contrast. showing me what it is I do not want & shining the light on what I do. thank you for reminding me that I am exactly where I need to be.

november — I promise to appreciate you. I promise to fill you with good people. to sink into moments of rest. to fill my cup with the tools that I may not want to do — but need to do. more walks & photographed memories. more books. more 9pm bedtimes & 10 hours of sleep. more check ins. reflection. forgiveness. more water. more laughter. more intention. intentional connection intentional rest intentional discovery.

november, I promise not to wish you away.

friends! what are your intentions for november?

what made you laugh this week? like a true belly laugh? for me it was jay stopping to pee during our mini photo shoot. @elizabethcompagna & I nearly fell down laughing and it felt really, really good.

sending love 🕊


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