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May 2, 2022

“I am done trading abundance for the illusion of safety”

when I heard this it stopped me in my tracks.

it hit me exactly where it was meant to.

it shifted my perspective & stirred up all the feelings I haven’t allowedmyself to feel.

how funny how crazy how WILD is it — that we feel safer in chaos? safer in lack?

we would all rather be a work in progress. because then we have someTHING to blame.

we let other people make us feel small.

because then we have someONE to blame.

we hold ourselves back because the thought of standing firm in our power scares the sh*t out of us.

sometimes I get a taste of how good life can be, how powerful I am, how beautiful it is to be ME & I let myself taste it, smell it, BE it … but only for a short while.

usually within days of feeling like I am all that I am I find myself reverting back to old ways of thinking & of being.

because that’s where I feel safe. that’s what I know. that’s what’s predictable.

realizing this hurt me at first.

made me feel sad at first.

but then came the expansion.

the only person holding me back is me.

it’s one thing be brave enough to be all that you are.

& another to be strong enough to hold that truth.

to be the embodiment of that truth.


take what serves you leave the rest.

sending love 🕊


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