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May 16, 2022

the energy right now is thick.

but expansive. we are being so deeply, divinely supported in our growth + evolution.

any action you take to shed what no longer serves you & to step into your best timeline will be magnified.

it will expand.

the ripple effect of what you choose to do with this energy will touch every area of your life.

we have the opportunity right now to make big sh*t happen.

to make big leaps.

shifting into the reality we desire the most.

but big change takes big action.

& nothing changes if nothing changes. so what’ll it be?

if your soul is screaming yes for change but you don’t want to go through it alone the REALWITH project is waiting for you.

to hold you guide you nourish you love you expand you.

link in bio 🕊

p.s. sage wants you to know that todays stories & IGTV are potent & worth your time.


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