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May 11, 2022

maybe it’s eclipse szn maybe it’s mercury retrograde maybe it’s still my body adjusting to the time shift since our trip to hawaii — but I have not been able to fall asleep til 1am, 2am, 230am for the last week.

my brain is ON.

my mind is RACING.

& if you know me you know I love my sleep. blame it on my taurus rising.

so with the late bedtime comes a late rise.

I am still getting my 8-9 hours a night. & grateful every minute that my boss allows it ;)

this morning I slept til 9.

woke up slowlyyyy. feeling like I could sleep another 5 hours but knowing the day awaited me.

I got up with the *plan* to jump into my morning. ground. juice. meditate. journal. you know..

but after grounding I was craving a matcha & I thought to myself. just have the matcha. the juice will be waiting for you tomorrow morning.

& then just as I took the first sip of my matcha my mom asked me for help. she’s choosing paint colors for a client & wanted my opinion.

first thought was - no, can’t help. I gotta go do MY morning rituals. but I could tell she really just needed me there. even if I wasn’t the one making choices & leading the show. she just needed me.

& so here I am.

10:44am sans juice.

no meditation.

or time to *myself*

but feeling really, good.

& grateful.

because rigidity has no place in spiritually.

or health.

or life.

or love.

choosing to do what serves you best can look like manyyyyy things.

sometimes yes, it looks like being disciplined.

it’s doing things you don’t *want* to do but know will serve you, nourish you.

& other times it looks like saying fck it.

shake things up.

do it tomorrow.

let things flow.

be here now.

choose joy.

so… anyway.

this is your reminder especiallyyyy as women — that not every day has to look the exact same to be worthy.

you don’t have to follow a step by step process to have a *good* day.

let it flow.


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