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March 9, 2021

it’s the morning sunlight that does it for me. one minute with nature has the power to bring me back into alignment with the things that matter.

what a beautiful way to start my tuesday!!!! spring is emerging & I feel it in my bones. I’m so excited for the warmth but am trying to be careful not to wish away the present.

I just feel GOOD today. I have more hope than I’ve had in weeks. most likely because I spent the entire day alone yesterday. casey was at work & my sister went to my parents. my calls were moved due to conflicts & so I was left with an open calendar & the house to myself.

instead of filling it with work I sat my ass on the couch & binged some netflix. I surfed the web. I drank some wine. I didn’t make myself show up for anyone. it was pure bliss.

I recharge when I’m alone. just me, myself & I (and jay). because sometimes sitting in your own energy feels really good. peaceful. rejuvenating!!

take some time for you today — you won’t regret it :)

sending my love


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