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March 3, 2022

today feels like a huge exhale.

lots brewing

lots loading

lots moving through me.

a reminder that self limiting beliefs have their roots wrapped around *perceived certainty*

it is in fact true that the ego attempts to keep us safe but in turn it keeps us small.

it feeds off the energy of lack.

it convinces us that it’s best if we don’t give it a shot.

it uses judgement & comparison as it’s ammunition.

it feeds off of our willingness to comply.

it speaks of our limitations as a cautious tale.

it whispers untruths with such conviction we don’t bat an eye.

but when we take a step back & drop out of the head & into our body the truth is clear as day.

because our body knows all.

our body is the vessel that holds our deepest truths & our deepest knowing.

to fully move through the fear the ego ignites & let go of our limiting beliefs — I would need an hour of your time. maybe two. *masterclass loading*

because it’s intricate & heavy & it requires working with our shadows & facing the grief within ourselves.

but something you can do right now is feel your way into a belief that your body already knows & your mind can find certain.

choose an affirmation that trumps the lies of your ego.

an affirmation that withstands the storms of your darkest days.

*swipe for mine*

when my ego tells me I’m not smart enough to do what I do in this world — these words drop me back into my knowing.

I am a deep well.

sending love 🤍


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