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March 29, 2022

mornings with myself >

why? to fill my cup. to plug my battery in. to recharge. realign. to be grounded in my truth.

how? connecting to my heart space. showing my body love. choosing gratitude. releasing judgement of myself. letting each exhale dissolve any shame I am carrying within me.

it’s easy to forget how much we leak & oooooooze energy throughout our days. giving it away to people who don’t deserve it. pushing it onto something we think we want — but don’t actually need. investing it in places that aren’t aligned w our highest good.

take time to be with yourself & make it intimate.

because it’s in those moments we see what we need to see.

it’s where we can call back our energy from the people & the places it does not belong.

it’s where we can choose differently for ourselves. patching any energetic leaks with firm but beautiful boundaries.

it’s where we give ourselves the opportunity to be all that we are. so that as we step into our day we are planted firmly in our truth.

ready to receive. ready to be.

you can’t do this wrong. you can’t fck this up. it’s YOU (your soul) being with YOUR body & YOUR mind. all you need is already within you.

give it a go.

& watch as your world begins to brighten, your confidence begins to grow && your energy shifts + strengthens for the better.

you are worth the time!

you are worth the work!

with love 🕊


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