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March 27, 2022

it’s funny what happens when you create space to connect with your intuition.

when you learn how to get quiet + stay patient + be mindful — your life will change in ways you wouldn’t believe.

I felt the pressure all week to post. to share. to do! to be! to go!

but that pressure was in my head — not my heart.

the pressures of social media / entrepreneurship / hustle culture / girl boss energy can disguise itself as an internal desire for more.

but don’t get it twisted — that sh*t ain’t you.

it’s the programming.

it’s only in stillness. in surrender. in TRUST — that we can access our true & authentic wants + needs + desires.

so even though this past week I had swirling thoughts telling me to go go go go…. I was able to see that what I truly needed — was a week of reflection. tears shed. dots connected. notes jotted.

because I’ve learned the hard way that the fastest way to get where I wanna go —

is slowly.

what I’ve been working on the past few weeks & what is almosttttt ready to be released into the world is going to be potent & beautiful & powerful.

at first I was rushing it. trying to cram my knowledge into something to package & sell.

but it wasn’t working. it wasn’t flowing. it wasn’t what I knew it was meant to be.

if I had forced myself to breathe life into this offer ANY SOONER than this past week — it wouldn’t be half of what it now is.

& because of this what I’ll be sharing this week doesn’t feel like something I am selling — it feels like something I am gifting.

a small token of wisdom love & knowledge bundled up ready to be delivered from my heart + soul — to yours.

all this to say… trust the process.

trust that if you feel a strong body resistance to doing something, it’s because the timing is not aligned.

😮‍💨 anywaysss. woke up hungover + 🥵 but after a quick hand on the heart exhale it was clear that my body wanted movement. so here we are.

tap in tune in + listen & honor.

happy sunday 😌 featuring messy room + dirty mirrors because #realness!


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