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March 20, 2022

happy sunday/spring equinox/astrological new year/aries season!

the energy has been intense the past week or so. lots of my energy going OUT. to family to casey to clients to community.

& today (especially after our @realwithwellness event) I’m feeling so called to be with myself & my own energy.

this shift of seasons is calling for us to find BALANCE. to create harmony within ourselves. to fill our cup up so we have more to give others.

so while it’s felt amazing to be beep bopping around getting tons of things done, being social & on fireeeeee….. I can feel that its time to recharge. reassess. realign.

casey went out to meet friends for lunch & I chose to skip.

instead I am running errands. solo grocery shopping is so peaceful for me. I’m probably gonna play some sad music on the way home. get in a good cry. clean up the house. take a bath. cry some more. move a little. dancing sounds nice. have some solo pleasure time. or maybe I’ll invite casey to join, idk yet.

today is calling for me to be with me.

my body is asking for love.

my mind is asking for stillness.

my soul is asking for peace.

tap in tune in & honor whatever comes through.

wishing you all the best day, wherever it takes you 🤍🕊


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