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March 15, 2021

monday. how odd is it that we create expectations for ourselves dependent upon the date of the week, month, year?

monday. another day to explore our curiosity. another day to rest. to honor. to tap in. tune in. to see what thoughts are just old stories taking up real estate in our brain.

stories like — today is monday therefore I cannot rest. the weekend was for rest. so it does not matter that I remain tired. I have to ignore my needs. resist the urge for peace & stillness because today is a monday. it is time to be productive again. it is time to show up for society again. it is time to follow the rules, again.

are you letting this story dictate your monday?

I almost fell back into this mindset when I woke up today, but the cool thing about mindfulness is these stories begin to stick out. like a massive red flag taking up space in my brain. because they don’t fit in anymore. the don’t match my energy my needs my wants my desires.

meeting yourself where you are at — the embodiment of your needs your wants your desires — is not selfish. is not lazy. is not a waste of time.

meeting yourself where you are at is the recognition that your brain may want more than your body can give. meeting yourself where you are at is mindfulness in action. it is feeling. it is listening. it is honoring.

today I am meeting myself exactly where I am. feeling ehh. feeling blah. not keen on creating but desiring forward progress. so my morning unfolded slowly. with puppy kisses, loads of reflection, quite a bit of pen to paper, matcha & fresh fruit. && it will look continue to look like emails, expense sheets, planning & assessing. but also deep breathes, dandelion tea, fresh air & intentional movement.

my invitation for you today: meet yourself where you are at — because it is exactly where you are supposed to be.

with love 🕊


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