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June 7, 2021

monday’s are ruled by the moon. making it more of an emotional moody intuitive day. the moon represents the divine feminine. it rules our dreams fears & shadows. making it the perfect day to go within. to practice self care. to tap into our wants needs & desires so we can step into the week with clarity. grounded. aligned.

so today, instead of guilting yourself for feeling resistance to checking off your long ass to do list — use today to set your intentions for the week. get organized. dream. flow. be gentle with yourself & your emotions.

&& then buckle up for tuesday because this is the perfect day to dive head first into your projects. tuesday is ruled by mars, the planet of physical energy. boldness. passion. it allows us to turn ideas into action & feel lit up while doing so.

I’ve made it a goal of mine to work in sync with the energy available to me. both from my own menstrual cycle, the moon & cosmos as a whole.

sometimes the answer is not to push more or do more or be more but instead to unapologetically lean into what feels best. allowing ease to lead the way.

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it until I am blue in the face — we are not here to be work horses. to give 40+ hours of our week to something that dims our light & suffocates our fire.

we are here to find pleasure in our own existence. to thrive alongside nature. to connect deeply with one another. to experience a wide range of emotions because painful for not, it’s all part of our evolution. our journey. to find our way back to our essence.

so, my invitation to you today. choose again. that pressure you feel to make monday the most productive day of the week? surrender that sh*t & choose again. the guilt you feel because all you want to do today is hangout, day dream & hang in the sun? surrender & choose again.

choose compassion choose gratitude choose love.

because your worthiness is not dependent upon your ability to cross tasks off a list. remember that.


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