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June 4, 2021

with all of this talk of hot girl summer, becoming our best selves, evolving & transforming — I want to pop in on this lovely friday to simply remind you that who you are today is good enough. in fact, you are great. because you are you! && you are perfectly imperfect. just like me :)

who you are today is just as worthy as the person you are working to become. who you are in your lowest moments is just as divine as the person you are in your best moments. our higher self? our best self? it’s not quite someone we “become” but rather someone we align with. someone we embody. someone we allow to be our healer our teacher our guidance system.

I love this life of mine. truly. I love the burning passion I have within me to seek more knowledge, wisdom, clarity & growth. but I’ve come to realize that the constant pursuit of BECOMING can come at the cost of reinforcing that who we are is not enough.

so, I offer a gentle invitation to you. as you settle into your day each morning, whether you are meditating journaling moving your body whipping up a smoothie or sipping your cup of coffee — affirm to yourself that you are enough. worthy. divine. that the journey you are on to fully embody your best self is not due to a lack of love for who you are today. or who you were yesterday.

&& then pay gratitude to yourself. your current self & your past self. for getting you to this point. for always doing the best they could with what they had & what they knew.

and from here I encourage you to do all the things that light your soul on fire. that connect you to yourself. that elevate your consciousness. expand your reality. enhance your world. do it & do it with love.

it’s not a race. where you are is exactly where you are meant to be. enjoy the journey!!

it’s the best part 🕊

with love,


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