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June 24, 2021

some things I’m releasing on this powerful AF strawberry full moon: the need for validation from anyone outside of myself. the belief that in order to succeed I must sacrifice & struggle. any & all people, places & things standing in the way of me & my joy.

I’ve had a lot going on lately, both as emma but also as realwithemma. I don’t love the separation but most recently it was needed in order for the real healing to take place. the ups & downs of the past few months rocked me. I let my ego fuel the fire of uncertainty & resisted the lessons I was being pushed to learn.

but today, I’m feeling all the feels as I step back into alignment with who I know I am, who I’ve always been & who I will forever be — me.

the energy of a full moon gives us an incredible opportunity to release & with this supermoon arriving so close to the summer solstice &&& being the last of the year — it is one you’ll really want to sink into 🌝

take some time today, tonight or even tomorrow to sit down with yourself. get centered. ground down. focus on your breath. grab a pen & paper. pick one pick two or answer them all…

what is it that is holding you back from being your best self? most authentic self? most vibrant self?

what lessons have you learned so far this year?

what routines & systems have you outgrown?

what beliefs about success, love & worthiness continue to interfere with your growth?

are the seeds you planted in the spring being watered? given adequate sunlight?

are those the seeds that deserve your time love & care?

do you need to re-evaluate your intentions for the year?

it’s not too late to plant the seeds you want to reap this coming fall — what is it you want? need? desire?

how will you feel when you receive all that you are calling in?

& most importantly, what are you most grateful for right now?

sending my love 🕊


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