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June 23, 2021

being healthy being holistic being spiritual — it’s a trend right now.

I see a lot of people doing things to “be” healthy or spiritual because it’s what they learned defines someone as “healthy” or “spiritual”

&& while I’m so happy that these ideas topics practices & perspectives are being brought to the masses I want to gently remind you that there is no one size fits all WAY to be healthy or spiritual.

I live a holistic lifestyle. I am a spiritual being. but what my life looks like, what my routines look like, what my house my car my clothes my food my CHOICES look like — are what they are because that is what serves ME best.

yeah I wear crystals yeah I have tats yeah I meditate & ground each morning & cycle sync & live in rhythm with the moon…. but that does not define me.

I am more than the tools I use to embody my spirit. I am more than the systems & routines I have in place. I am spiritual being because I have cultivated a deep, intimate & sacred connection to myself. my soul. my essence.

so as you embark on the journey to your best most vibrant most authentic & embodied self, please remember that it’s not about how it looks to the outside world — it’s about how it feels within you.



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