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July 8, 2021

life has felt weird. almost like I’ve been waiting for something. my clients family friends — they feel the same. but I’m not sure what it is. what are we waiting for… better weather? a new apartment? a thinner body? the fall? more money? clearer skin?

I feel as though it’s been this way for pretty much all of 2021. && this feeling of unease discomfort restlessness has caused me to second guess many things. my career my relationships my purpose myself.

but with time & with intention I stopped trying to solve this problem & began to focus solely on presence.

&& to my pleasant surprise this past week has felt just a little bit lighter. a little bit easier. more comfortable. peaceful.

& for that I’m grateful.


the frequency that raises our vibration & realigns us with love. it’s never too far out of reach. you don’t have to look to far too find it. but more often than not — you have to choose it.

what are you grateful for today?

sending love 🕊


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