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July 22, 2021

just two girls in completely different phases of life who have barely worked out in months, are 80% plant based 20% eat for the soul && thriving because we have done & continue to do the work to prioritize our worth. knowing that our physical appearance is the least interesting thing about us.

what’s crazy is, my sister & I had simultaneous eating disorders years ago. her’s began in high school & mine peaked in college. there are differences in our battle with ED but there are so many similarities. the largest being the amount of worth we placed on what our body looked like. the discomfort in our skin. the fear of a camera capturing our biggest insecurities. of breathing deep & letting our belly just — be.

so, we kept it in we held it tight we twisted we contorted we photoshopped we smoothed we pinched we starved we binged we did it all.

we only discovered that we weren’t alone in our struggle after years of secrets. of self abuse. self hate. self loathing.

but it was THE knowing that I wasn’t alone in my suffering that became the key to my healing — & hers. speaking our truth & overcoming the shame the embarrassment the guilt is what allowed the real work to begin.

since that day, the day we shared our darkest secret — we have been closer than ever. our relationship has been hot & cold since forever. sisters, right?

but she is without a doubt one of my soul mates. traveling through lifetimes together. showing one another the love & kindness we deserve while also being a mirror — showing each other what it is we need to see. to continue healing. growing. shedding. evolving.

I’m sharing this to show you that it’s possible. to be happy on the beach. to feel good in your skin. to workout less, eat more && look & feel better than you ever have. it’s possible to prioritize self care. self pleasure. peace. abundance. bliss — without sacrificing your health. && it’s also possible to be healthy in body mind & spirit without sacrificing your joy.

you just have to choose it.

love > fear.

happy thursday angels 🕊


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