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July 15, 2021

part of me feels happy. that I’m not alone. that the feeling I’ve had these past few months has less to do with me & more to do with the collective. but another part of me feels sad. that so many of us have experienced this dark night of the soul. that as a community we feel burnt out. exhausted. overwhelmed.

I’ve been thinking so much lately. just about what I’m seeing on social media. the trends the aesthetics. the hustle the grind.

I remember starting my own biz && feeling so much freedom. fck a 9-5! I want to choose my own hours! fck working for the man! I will work for myself! I don’t want to be another hamster on a wheel! I want to be unique! I don’t want to partake in the rat race toward the version of success society beats us over the head with!!! I want my own version of success!

we wanted something different, right? we wanted better. better quality of life. better connection. better use of our time….

I feel as though we looked down at our parents generation for hustling & chasing paychecks & selling their soul to “the man” but… somehow somewhere along the way being an online influencer/entrepreneur/coach/etc began to feel a lot like a rat race. like being a hamster on a wheel. chasing society’s NEW standard of success.

yeah, running a biz means you work. you grind. no doubt! I’m not saying I don’t want to work…

the point of this is…. our lives may LOOK the way we wanted them to look. but do they feel the way we wanted them to feel?

since the start of 2021 I have to say that I have gotten everything I wanted - physically. all my manifestations came to me with ease. the clients the money the follows. but it didn’t matter. because nothing in this material world can make me feel the way I DESIRE to feel.

I think back to 2020 & while I didn’t have the physical things — I had that feeling. of purpose. alignment. gratitude. passion. love. clarity.

so, my goal for the rest of the summer? chase that. prioritize that. embody that. manifest THAT.

how about you?


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