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January 31, 2022

when you stop trying to become anything / anyone / something / someone & return back to the knowing that you already ARE…

life changes. timelines shift. wounds heal. beauty flourishes. love remains.

the only thing standing between you & who you dream of becoming is the idea itself. we do not become our best self. our higher self. because —we already are.

I have not *become* my higher self. because I already am her. I have always been her.

but for most of my life I couldn’t reach her. because I lived in the vibration of unworthiness. where my self limiting beliefs & unhealed wounds led me to believe that I would only become my best self if I was aligned with perfection.

& sure, adding in habits / clothes / people / places can help you feel more ALIGNED with your higher self. but that’s not what brings you the true feeling of arrival that you seek.

it’s only when we get out of our own way. when we realize that all we need is already within us. when we shed the idea that our higher self is the embodiment of perfection & instead sink into the knowing that our higher self is the embodiment of who we innately are — we arrive.

claim your essence.

embody your essence.

honor your essence.

& you will find yourself living in alignment w your best most authentic most vibrant self 🕊

seeking guidance on this journey?

feeling ready to fully commit to yourself? your worth? your divinity?

The REALWITH Project 2.0 Mastermind begins 2.15.22.

a container created to teach you, lead you, hold you — through the process of shedding breaking unlearning so that we can create, rebuild & reprogram. so you can step into a reality in which you thrive you flourish you soar.

as the full embodiment of all that you are.

link in bio <3


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