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January 29, 2021

story time :)

I talk about how CBD has changed my life frequently. but I feel like this is that thing — the thing you see everyone use else use but don’t believe the hype. & for some reason there are sides? like believers and non believers? so you choose the side of disbelief.

this was casey. for over two years. I would beg him to take CBD when he struggled sleeping. when he was stressed. when his joints & creaks & aches acted up. and every time I was shot down. he didn’t buy into it. “I don’t need that stuff.”

but then, something miraculous happened. as so many of us can attest to — this has been a hard year. a lot of stress. anxiety. chaos. && for casey it was no different.

& so, about one month ago, he finally said “yes” to trying CBD before bed. he was struggling with sleep & thought, why not? the next day not much was said. but when bedtime came, I went to take my nightly dose and I saw him open his mouth — like, clearly waiting for his turn. I LOLED. I smiled. I gave him some and that was it.

*I didn’t want to draw to much attention to it incase it scared him off*

the next morning he woke up early to golf. I heard him leave the room. & a few minutes later — sneak back in. I heard the sound of glass clinking. I heard the sound of the dropper, squeezing? I pretended to be asleep. but I knew. I had him.

since then he has taken it every day twice a day. he has blown through my stock & I’ve had to buy him his own supply. one for his office & one for home 🌚

if casey can’t get enough of @joyorganics CBD, I think it’s time you gave it a whirl — because why not?

I haven’t been posting much about it this month BECAUSE today is SPECIAL! today @joyorganics is giving the RWE community 30% off site wide with the code “EMMA30” — but for TODAY ONLY!

so if you’ve been wanting to try CBD, if you’ve been interested in the wide range of benefits — today is your day.

link in bio!

eeeeek! sending love 🕊


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