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January 28, 2021

for the past few years I have waited until febuary to choose my word of the year, set my new year intentions & do my bigger, full scope, zoomed out reflection. because to me, january feels like one big hangover. I feel tired. I move slowly. I know what I want to come next but I’m not quite ready to put it into action. I think of the intentions I want to set but I don’t set them in stone. because like most hangovers, january is filled with idealistic goals that we think we should have, but may not actually need.

“I will get my life together, be better, wake up earlier workout more, stick to my diet, do more, be more” — but I’ve learned that these intentions stem from a lack mindset. they are rooted in unworthiness. in fear.

the idea that a new year is a new opportunity — I vibe with. I love new chapters. but mostly, it seems like a mad a rush to change everything about ourselves. like the new year is our hail mary pass in a football game. we create wildly high expectations, hoping it will be our salvation.

because deep down we feel like who we were in the previous year wasn’t good enough. worthy enough.

&& so to finally feel worthy of pride. love. compassion. rest. abundance — everything must change.

I did this for years. I threw the baby out with the bath water. my intentions weren’t built upon what I had accomplished in the previous year — instead I was determined to rid myself of the disappointment & shame from another year of lack.

I will share my intentions & word of the year next week :) but my invitation for you today is to take a look at the intentions you made for 2021.

are they rooted in fear? or in love?

did you take a chance in your 2020 reflection to feel pride? for your evolution?

or gratitude? for nature?

or accomplishment? for healing your trauma?

or compassion? for surviving a global pandemic?

—— can you create intentions for the coming year that highlight your strengths instead of your weaknesses?

because incase you forgot — you are the divine creator of your life. you are infinite. you are worthy. not because of your job or social status or bank account — but simply because you exist.


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