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January 21, 2021

a gentle reminder that when you are healing & choose to take a more spiritual path — your ego will try & use this against you. it is always looking for ways to weaken our vibration. to keep us at a low frequency. living in fear.

if you find yourself feeling guilty for not journaling. meditating. staying on track with your rituals. your self reflection —— this is your ego.

if you find yourself judging the moments or days when you feel low. down. dark. anxious —— this is your ego.

if you find yourself comparing your path. your growth. your journey to that of someone else —— this is your ego.

if you find yourself striving for perfection on your path. cursing the bad days. fearful of failure. of a misstep. of losing progress —— this is your ego.

the path to healing SHOULD have bad days. because this journey is never one of perfection. of expectations. of comparison. of judgement.

there will be low days dark days grey days. && also days of pure bliss. flow. peace. light. there will be days you feel as though can’t outrun your anxiety & days you journal until your hand hurts. there will be days you skip a meditation & days you meditate through your first meeting because you found yourself somewhere more important.

when you hit a low. a bump. a rough patch — this is not an indication that you are doing it wrong. that you are somehow off your path.

the low is a reminder that you are on your path. that you are without a doubt exactly where you are supposed to be. this contrast is the key to healing, to existing, to being.

so, check in.

because our ego wears many faces. has many voices. && will do everything it can to keep us from ascending.

acceptance > perfection

compassion > judgement

love > fear


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