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January 19, 2022

your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

when I don’t feel good about myself I don’t feel good about much. it’s a hard truth. & a scary one for a lot of people.

because this may lead you to believe that feeling your feelings will then cause your outer world to reflect that darkness back to you.

for some people — this is the truth.

for some people — they allow their feelings to not only be felt but to define them.

for some people — feeling a low vibration becomes an addiction.

for some people — their inner world feels like a victim to life & their outer world perpetuates this feeling.

& for these people — they become stuck, caught, defined by being a victim to their own life.

when they feel like they can’t catch a break — they don’t.

when they feel like nothing goes right for them — it doesn’t.

it’s a cycle I’ve gotten caught in myself a time or two (or ten).

because sometimes its easier to blame how low you feel on how the world is showing up for you.

but — how our outer world shows up for us is a mirror for how we are showing up for ourselves.

you can feel your feelings with intention. you can feel your way through anger grief sadness overwhelm disappointment WHILE vibrating with acceptance love & compassion.

it’s only when we do this that no matter how dark our days feel…

the world doesn’t reflect back that darkness…

but instead our light ✨

so, feel your feels!

but feel them to release.

feel them to flow.

feel them to honor.

feel them to explore.

the shift starts within.


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